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Martin Produce Company INC
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Martin Produce's main crop is onions. Onions come in varities the ones we have avaible are white, red and yellow. Onions come in different sizes like creamer (the smallest) and supercolosil (the biggest). The onion bag sizes are two pound bags, three pound bags, five pound bags, twenty-five pound bags, fivety pound bags, one-thousand pound bulk boxes, and two-thousand pound bulk bag. 


These onions are colosil's in size, the color of these onions are whites, there are four of these onions they are all around the same weight. These onions are untopped. There are no aparant outer skin diseases, these onions are flawless there are no known diseases that infected with in this field where these onions were taken from the yeald given off for this season was 75%.


Here are some of my yellow onions, they are  colosil in size and have no aparent problems from a disease standpoint these onions are fresh from my field they have been freshly topped and are in storage when I took this picture.


Here is a shot I took from my field, these are some of my whites they have big helathy tops these will be perfect if I encounter no weather problems. We still havent killed them yet we are going to wait 4 more weeks so these boys are gonna be huge at least colosils or super colosils.

These are what I will call My "perfect reds" as you can see I have a range of sizes in the photo I am showing off. They are free of disease. "Problems" are totaly unaparent not to be found in this batch shown 100%. 


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