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Martin Produce offers a varity of potatoes. The three types we offer are red, russet and yukon gold. The sizes of the potatoes that are yukon gold and red are avaiable in premium sizes are 2 and half to 3 and half inches in diameter,b size which is 1 and half inches to two and a quater in diamater,a size which is 2 inches to 3inches in diameter. Russets size is consumer packs, size a ,non size a, 40-120. The bag sizes of potatoes are 5#,8#,10#,15#,20#,50# bag or box,100#,1,000# bulk boxes,and 2,000# bulk bags.


Here are some of our potatoes, these are a mixed batch I have put together to show you, the consumer. Some of my reds mixed with yukons. 


Here are some reds that I am showing (you) the consumer they are perfect and would be awsome with a steak on the side for dinner. Im sure you're wondering why they shine so much, i'll tell you I wet them down with water to add that extra shine.  

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